The sixty five bedded ICU and NICU unit is a state-of-the-art facility managed by experts meeting the need of post-operative and critically ill patinets.

The Intensive Care Unit is considered a specialist clinicla area, completely dedicated to the highest quality care, encompassingg both, surgical and medical interventions. Vikash Multi-Speciality Hospital has a team of intensive care specialists who provide 2:1 patient care, supported by a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals, delivering some off the most complex and effective medical interventions, designed to get patients back on their fet.

  • Advanced cardioi-respiratory support
  • Haemodynamic monittoring and assessment tools
  • 24 hour portable xray and Ultrasound
  • 24 hour ABG anaysis
  • Kidney haemofiltration facilities

  • Dedicated Microbiology ward rounds
  • Dedicated Intensive Care Fellow
  • Advanced blood coagulation monitoring
  • Multi-disciplinary ward rounds